End Health Problems with Weight Loss Surgery in South Africa

It seems as though everybody wants to lose weight these days, and every magazine is advertising a miracle diet or tablets guaranteed to reduce your weight overnight. Being overweight increases your risk of developing a host of health problems. Sometimes our diets, eating fewer calories and becoming more physically active don’t help and we keep on gaining weight.

Weight Loss Surgery in South Africa

Weight loss surgery in South Africa is a good option for people who suffer with obesity and for whom other treatments have failed. If you are considering weight loss surgery, first do research on the different kinds of surgery offered. Maybe you can even talk to people who have already had the surgery.

The Stomach can be Made Smaller

If you live in Johannesburg , there are excellent hospitals and clinics which offer weight loss surgery. These hospitals first offer a non-surgical means for weight loss. With patients where repeated weight loss treatment has failed, surgery is considered. One of the types of weight loss surgery in South Africa Weight Loss Surgery in South Africais gastric banding. This is when a stomach band which is adjustable is placed around the top part of the stomach. The stomach is then divided into two parts. The upper part or pouch is small and the lower part is made up of the rest of the stomach.

The Amount You can Eat is Limited

This type of surgery is known as restrictive surgery because it restricts or limits the amount of food you can eat. Once the pouch is full you won’t be able to eat anymore. If you do, your stomach may be sore and you may want to vomit.

Want to Know how the Gastric Band Procedure is Done?

the gastric band is fitted using laparoscopic surgery. The surgeon will make a small cuts or incisions in your abdomen
the surgeon will use a laparoscope or special camera to guide the instruments in putting an adjustable band around the top part of the stomach
the surgeon stitches the incision up
the balloon inside the gastric band is filled with saline. This is done by means of an injection which makes the band tighter
the saline level is adjusted over time, depending on the amount of weight loss is desired

Is Gastric Band Surgery right for You?

This weight loss surgery in South Africa is suitable if you have already tried to lose weight without success. If you have a body mass index of between 35 and 40 and you suffer with weight related illnesses, you are suited to this kind of surgery. The surgery can last for about an hour and you will only be required to spend one night in hospital. After your surgery you will Laparascopic Sleeve Gastroscopyeat mashed-up foods and liquids for 2 to 3 weeks. You will slowly start adding your usual foods to your diet after this time.

You will lose weight slowly for the next 3 years. Most people lose about 1/3 of the weight they were carrying while some lose up to half of their weight. Losing this kind of weight can have huge medical benefits for you. You will love being able to move around and do all the things you couldn’t do before.

Gastric band surgery can improve your life, but you need to know that no surgery is risk free. Before surgery, the surgeon will meet with you and explain the risks that go with this kind of surgery. You will be glad to know that the mortality/death rate is low with this surgery and that complications only occur with a small percentage of patients. Some of these complications are internal bleeding, gastritis, infection and erosion. Erosion is when the band moves slowly through the stomach wall to the inside and causes bleeding.

After-Surgery Support

After your surgery, you will need to adjust your lifestyle to achieve your weight loss goals. Johannesburg weight loss clinics and hospitals are geared up to provide ongoing support for weight loss patients. With weight loss surgery in South Africa you will attend follow up appointments, and the medical team will provide you with a weight loss programme. This programme is designed specially for your unique needs. The medical team will encourage you with living a healthier life. You may experience a little bit of pain after surgery but this is normal and a small price to pay for the better health and mobility you will now enjoy.

* A doctor talks about weight loss surgery types on YouTube