Does surgery free liposuction sound way too good to be true? No knife, no bruising, quick recovery time… surgery free liposuction sounds surreal, doesn’t it?

Well, here’s the scoop: laser lipo can be done without having to go under the knife. And the skin is tightened as opposed to having to have another operation to get rid of excess skin. Bonus!

Laser Liposuction With the Surgery

If you’d read up on laser lipo reviews, you may have already come across Dr Fassi. And the Sonoshape machine. This incredible machine was designed specifically to do liposuction and other non-surgical treatments, minus the surgery.

Dr Fassi. in particular worked extensively on perfecting ways to administer non-invasive body shaping treatments and the results have been astonishing.

Surgery Free Liposuction

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The Sonoshape machine, according to Dr Fassi is a unique technology which combines lymphatic drainage, ultrasound and radio frequency along with cryotherapy and myostimulation. These are all natural procedures that have been medically proven and boast zero side effects.

The Results of Surgery Free Liposuction

Besides overall fresh, healthy looking skin, lipo without the surgery means no downtime and you can have a procedure done during your lunch hour.

Here’s other advantages:

  • you can lose as much as 46cm in your first treatment
  • your skin is left toned and tightened
  • your body takes on a new shape
  • you can have chin lipo, an eyelift and even face remodelling
  • Ideal treatment for cellulite

About Laser Lipo

Treatments are usually administered in a series of between 4 to 6 sessions, depending on your body type and target areas. Laser lipo offers fantastic long-term results with little to no side effects and a great deal of satisfaction. You can even head straight back to work after treatment.

By diving your treatments up into several sessions, surgery free liposuction offers gradual improvements and no risks. The length of each treatment will depend on the area you are being worked on but typically a session lasts between 40 minutes to an hour.

Of course, this quick-fix with great results can only be successful in the long run if you continue to follow a healthy diet and active lifestyle.

Liposuction Price

So what about the cost of this amazing procedure? There are many local salons that run good specials on laser lipo sessions.

Medical aids, however, don’t cover aesthetic procedures which makes items like tummy tuck prices, laser lip and even bariatric surgery a little off-putting.

But they needn’t be with the help of plastic surgery loans.

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So, surgery free liposuction may just be within your reach today!

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