Longing to blast those fat cells? Well, you can make them gone for good – both painlessly and gently – thanks to laser lipo and an ultrasonic liposuction machine.

Non surgical liposuction is an effective and highly safe method for destroying cells sitting in localised fat areas, usually referred to as love handles, stubborn fat, saddle bags etc. Lipo laser is completely painless, non invasive and an effective way of reshaping your body.

How an Ultrasonic Liposuction Machine Works

Ultrasonic Liposuction Machine

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Ultrasonic liposuction, sometimes referred to as vaserlipo, uses ultrasound waves. The waves produce alternating compression and decompression on the fat cells which results in them exploding. You can actually lose as much as 2cm during one session.

The Liposuction Technology

An ultrasonic liposuction machine typically looks kind of like a robot when wheels and an arm. This arm focuses high-intensity ultrasound waves on the targeted fatty areas to heat up and injure the fat cells. The machine works to kill as many fat cells in an area as possible so you can shrink a dress size in a period of about 12 weeks.

Another ultrasonic liposuction machine known as the Ultrashape causes sound waves to literally shake fat cells to death. This treatment usually requires between one to six sessions depending on the area you want blasting. During a session the target area is slathered with mineral oil and a machine with a small paddle is used to warm up the area which is then more conducive to lipo fat blasting.

Are there Side Effects?

Well, a lot less side effects than if you were having, say, a traditional tummy tuck.

During lipo you will feel a sort of battery jolt to the area being worked on, it feels a little weird but it’s not at all painful.

That’s about it, really!

The Advantages of an Ultrasonic Liposuction Machine

The advantages are plentiful. One of the biggest appeals is that you can be in and out in a lunch hour. And the results are pretty immediate so just imagine what a good few sessions could do.

While lipo is by no means a cure for obesity, it’s ideal if you have a few stubborn fat areas that diet and exercise alone have failed to shift. As for liposuction price, compared to surgical procedures, it’s a lot cheaper and can even be done in a local beauty salon.

Medical Finance

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