Weight Loss Clinic

You’ve tried just about every diet out there. You’ve spent hours researching how to lose weight and jotting down weight loss tips. So perhaps it’s time to consider a weight loss clinic to help you on your way to serious weight loss.

Bariatric Surgery and the Dietician

If you decide to go ahead with, say, a gastric bypass or bariatric surgery on the recommendation of the weight loss clinic, you will need to consult a dietician who will want to help you lose weight fast.

It’s ideal to consult the dietician prior to undergoing surgery but that person will also help you post-op. Typically, after surgery diets consist of just liquids for at least two weeks. You will then move on to pureed foods and thereafter a soft diet for about a month.

A weight loss clinic will direct you to a bariatric surgeon

Let a weight loss clinic direct you to a surgeon who specialises in weight loss surgery

Stabilising After Surgery

Once you have stabilised, the weight loss clinic will conduct follow-up advice regarding your diet and how to prevent potential mineral and vitamin deficiencies.

The Disadvantages to Surgery

Like any other procedure, you need to be aware that weight loss surgery has its downfalls. According to scientific findings, the below risks are associated with weight loss procedures:

  • Blood can clot in the lungs during surgery
  • Major wound infections
  • Abscesses
  • Narrowing of the stomach’s entrance

After surgery you could experience the following:

  • The inability to eat
  • Vomiting
  • Malnutrition
  • Heartburn

But Advantages Are Many

“But I’m looking for you help me lose weight fast,” you’re thinking. Well, the advantages do outweigh the potential negatives.

Significant Weight Loss

This is the greatest advantage, especially if you suffer from morbid obesity. Success stories have included patients losing as much as 120kg post-op.

Co-Morbidities Disappear

Many weight loss clinic patients have reported their co-morbidities have vanished or greatly improved after surgery. For example, patients with type 2 diabetes have reported not having to take medication and being able to control their condition simply with their diet.

Improvements have also been see in sleep apnoea, hypertensions, degenerative joint disease and other diseases related to obesity.

Naturally, anyone who loses a great deal of weight is happier, healthier and far more active and mobile.


Weight loss surgery patients have reported amazing increases in self-esteem, less anxiety and are a lot more confident. This means they even find it easier to find jobs and romantic interests.

A Weight Loss Clinic Will Help You Find a Surgeon in South Africa

A weight loss clinic will be able to refer you to a surgeon in your area. You can also contact the Association of Surgeons of SA who have surgeons throughout the country – from Cape Town to Johannesburg.

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