Weight Loss Diet


If you’ve struggled with losing weight for some time, trying out many a diet plan to lose weight and simply can’t face another diet plan, it’s time to face facts: your weight loss diet isn’t working.

So that means it’s time to change direction. Whether you’re considering weight loss surgery or new diets, chances are it’s time to lose weight fast. Take a look at these tips on how to lose weight when your weight loss diet isn’t working.

Surgical alternatives to a weight loss diet

What do do if a weight loss diet is not working


  • Pick one place at work and home where you will do your eating. Sit down and don’t eat anywhere but this spot. No eating on the couch or in the car.
  • Keep healthy foods to hand like crudites and fruit and only eat when hungry.
  • Keep a food diary that will help you learn how to lose weight fast. Document everything you eat before it goes into your mouth and also describe how you’re feeling health-wise.
  • Set up an eating schedule for both food and snacks.
  • Don’t skip meals or starve yourself. Make sure you have regular nourishment so that your body’s starvation defences don’t get a chance to kick in. That’s when your metabolism will start to lower and your body will begin storing fat.

Mind Games

  • Weigh yourself every morning. You won’t see much change day-to-day but it’s the overall trend that’s important. Make a chart or graph and think about it when you want to eat – especially when you want to chat.
  • Watch out for those who are negative about your weight loss diet. Or even those who want to sabotage it.
  • If you want to eat but aren’t really hungry, get up and do something else. Rather try to accomplish a small something than going backwards in your diet.

Get Up and Go

  • One of the best activities to marry with your weight loss diet is walking. Simple as that. Take brisk walks for about 30 minutes a day and you’ll soon be seeing a difference in your measurements.
  • Make sure you do indulge in aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise is not too strenuous and you shouldn’t be particularly short of breath.
  • Keep track of your measurements by jotting them down weekly.
  • Always takes the stairs instead of the lift.
  • Off to the shops? Park as far from the door as possible and walk.

More Tips To Help With Your Weight Loss Diet

  • Eat slower and savour the flavours of your food.
  • Vary your calorie intake. This way your body won’t go into starvation mode.
  • Don’t skip breakfast. Even if it’s a piece of fruit on your way out the door or a quick piece of toast, eat something. Our metabolisms slow down during the night and don’t speed up again until we eat. If you go all the way until lunch without eating, your body will burn calories at a lower rate.

If you try these tips and still struggle to shed the kilos, perhaps it’s time to consider weight loss surgery. While many medical aids don’t cover such procedures, getting medical finance is as easy as filling in a form at the Incred websiteto find out if you’re eligible. Or you can follow the Incred banner at the head of the page.