Extreme Weight Loss

Has increasing weight gain got you worried? Have you been struggling to find clothes that fit? Is obesity threatening your health and indeed your livelihood? Are you tired of trying the latest diet pills, fat burners and diet plans? It could be time to consider the various forms of extreme weight loss. If you want motivation to lose weight in a healthy way, it is critical that you take a long-term, holistic lifestyle approach. Restrictive diets don’t help in the long run and nor do strenuous workouts.

Think about it – do you see yourself following the same diet and exercise regime for the next decade? Probably not.

Extreme weight loss through weight loss surgery

Bariatric surgery, better known as weight loss surgery, is a successful option that will not only help you to keep tabs on your weight in the long run but will also keep chronic conditions such as heart disease and kidney failure at bay.

Extreme weight loss surgery, conducted by specialised surgeons, also helps you to learn about certain body basics such as responsible eating and other health essentials that will change the way you look at weight management. Planning, determination and patience are all you need on your journey towards natural weight loss.

Since weight loss surgery is conducted by specialists, you can rest assured that technologically this type of weight loss is better empowered and patients can rest assured that they will receive superior service.

Extreme Weight Loss Surgery Procedure

A combination of surgeries can be used to tackle the issue of weight gain. Different procedures yield different results. From Gastric Bypass to Gastric Balloon, Lap-Band and Gastric Sleeve, there are a number of popular choices and thanks to medical financing, such procedures have become more reachable for patients.

Whichever procedure you and your specialist decide is best for you, each surgery shares a common goal: reducing the stomach’s capacity to consume food. That goal, of course, leads to extreme weight loss.

While some of the weight loss surgeries are invasive, others aren’t. Your specialist will discuss the options with you to ensure you make the right decision.

When Surgery Is Right for You

Once it has been decided that extreme weight loss surgery is the right choice for you, your doctor will refer you to a bariatric specialist who will evaluate you to ensure that you are both mentally and physically prepared for the surgery and willing to participate in the after-care and diet. They will also go through all the potential benefits and risks of surgery.

For the first couple of months after surgery you will be restricted to a diet of just several hundred calories per day but you won’t feel hungry since your appetite will diminish greatly.

You may also be advised to take gallstone-prevention medicine. Gallstones often develop in people who lose weight very quickly. Kidney stones are another common symptom.

Affording Surgery

While many medical aids typically do not cover this type of surgery, it’s not out of reach thanks to numerous medical finance schemes. Applying for the finance is as simple as filling in a form at the Incred website. They will get back to you within 48 hours.

Who knows, yours might just be the next amongst a multitude of weight loss success stories.