Weight Loss Injections

Atkins Diet. Dukan Diet. Liquid diets. When it comes to wanting to lose weight fast you’ve tried it all, bar weight loss surgery. You’ve changed your diet, upped your exercise but nothing seems to shift the kilos.

So now what?

Choices of weight loss injections

Weight loss injections are just one of the many options to consider before electing to have bariatric surgery

When many people look at how to lose weight fast, they consider weight loss injections. One of the most popular, and natural, injections is the B-12 shot. But there’s been no solid evidence to suggest that these injections aid weight loss. Let’s look a little closer.

B-12 Weight Loss Injections

B-12 is a water soluble vitamin of the B-complex family. It’s a vitamin that we can find in foods like fish, meat and dairy.

Often weight loss clinics offer these injections as an element of their weight loss programs. One of the advantages is that B-12 boosts metabolism and energy levels – so you probably feel more motivated to get up and get moving. But, say scientists, unless you are deficient in B-12, the injections aren’t actually likely to offer an energy boost and aid you in how to lose weight.

Weight Loss Injections – An Easily Solution?

If you want to lose weight fast, resist “quick” solutions. It’s a healthy lifestyle that counts. You should be enjoying healthier foods and more physical activity daily.

And Then There’s Surgery

If your weight affects your health or any other conditions, bariatric surgery could be the answer to losing weight fast and naturally.

While weight loss surgery is exactly that – a surgery – and it, like any other surgery, comes with its risks and complications, many a success story has been recorded by those who have gone under the knife to help them shed weight.

There are a number of different types of weight loss procedures to choose from and your surgeon will advise which will best suit your needs and lifestyle.

While surgery helps you to lose weight quickly, you need to be committed to the long term maintenance and that means lifelong dietary and exercise changes as well as being prepared for follow-up consultations and making changes as your dietician deems fit.

What About the Costs?

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Final Word

So while weight loss injections sounds like the quick and easy option to weight loss, there’s no evidence to back-up their success in the long run. Unlike weight loss surgery that promises fast and long-lasting results.