Laser Liposuction Prices in South Africa

Have you heard of laser lipo? Vaserlipo? Even ultrasonic lipo? Have you perhaps been considering a procedure and shopping around for laser liposuction prices?

Before you make a decision, though, you need to know what the procedure is and ask “does laser lipo work?”

What is Laser Liposuction?

Lipo laser is a non-invasive and painless procedure, without the surgery. You won’t feel a drop of pain as not even liposuction prices are painful, and you will certainly enjoy lasting results.

I Lipo is similar to surgical liposuction but once you’ve had the procedure, you’re by no means immune to fat. You’ll only keep the kilos off by adhering to a healthy diet and active lifestyle.

Laser Liposuction Prices in South Africa

Laser liposuction prices in South Africa are reasonable and the results can be fantastic

What About the Equipment?

To understand the liposuction prices, let’s take a look at the hi-tech equipment that’s used.

The machine has 8 paddles. These paddles emit laser beams which penetrate the skin, straight into the fat cells. The laser also works to break up and melt fat and prepare it to be expelled through heat, sweat or energy.

Preparing for Lipo

Prior to a procedure, your body measurements will be taken. Straight after a lipo session your measurements will again be taken to keep a record of your progress.

Looking at laser liposuction cost and realising you could lose as much as 2cm in a session, may well make the expense worth it. What’s more, cm lost tends to increase with every session.

So once you’ve been measured, the session begins and typically lasts 30 minutes.

After Lipo

If you’re happy with the laser liposuction prices and ready to undergo the procedure, here’s what happens afterwards.

Within 24 hours of the lipo session, you’ll be advised to work towards expelling the melted fat. This can be done by undertaking at least 20 minutes of high intensity cardiovascular exercise. Alternatively, some salons offer the use of an infra-red sauna bag – during a half an hour session is in the bag, your body is heated up to the point of sweating to help you melt that fat.

How Fat Cells Are Broken Down During Lipo

Fat cells begin to break down when the laser penetrates the skin and makes contact with them. Pores them form on the cells which makes them sweat. Water and free fatty acids are eliminated through the cells to lie just beneath the fatty layer of the skin. The fatty acids are then expelled through your skin’s lymph drainage system.

Laser Liposuction Prices in South Africa

It is usually advised that for best results you undergo about 8 lipo sessions – depending on the area that is being worked on. The liposuction price for a single session typically costs around R500 but many salons have regular specials on, so it’s worth shopping around in your area for a good liposuction prices from a reputable salon.

Covering Laser Liposuction Prices

While medical aids don’t cover such treatments, you can click on the banner and find out if you qualify for medical finance to help you with laser lipo, or you can go directly to the Incred website.