Weight Loss Success Stories

Ask anyone who has undergone major weight loss and they’ll probably tell you they’re still the same person – just a lot lighter. This is generally the pattern with weight loss success stories.

Take Simon Jonston. Once a super-sized policeman from the Free State, at the age of 30 Simon had to make use of a freight scale to determine his whopping 280kg body mass. If that wasn’t enough motivation to lose weight, Simon knew that his health, and indeed his life, were at risk if he didn’t look into how to lose weight and approach a weight loss clinic fast.

Says Simon, “my life changed dramatically after undergoing weight loss surgery. I’d tried the diets, from Atkins to Dukan diet and I’d lose a little here and there but it came back just as quickly. I knew I needed to lose weight fast if I wanted any sort of quality of life and to keep all sorts of health conditions at bay.

Weight Loss Success Stories

Weight loss success stories can motivate you to follow a Dukan diet or to undergo bariatric surgery or liposuction

 I started reading up on weight loss reviews for surgery. So I took the plunge.”

After undergoing bariatric surgery, Simon lost a massive 150kg. And besides his boosted confidence, his health has drastically improved. He now enjoys doing all the things he wants to from playing with his family to achieving at work and being able to partake in the sports he enjoys.

Simon goes on, “I know I progressed so well because right from the start my mind was right. I had an amazing team at my weight loss clinic who were routing for me from day one and the weight loss success stories I had read spurred me on even more.”

Looking Back

Simon reckons he was one of the worst patients his surgeon had come across. On the first consultation, the scales didn’t even go high enough to weigh Simon and his confidence was at an all-time low. His weight stopped him from enjoying life. He couldn’t go fishing or play golf or enjoy a game of rugby with the boys. It affected his work and his day to day parenting of his then toddler daughter.

As a policeman, Simon’s job is pretty hands-on – he’s expected to move freely from scene to scene but as the weight crept on he was no longer able to drive himself around. Eventually he was moved to a desk job. It eventually got so bad that Simon couldn’t even function on the desk job since he couldn’t sit in one place for very long nor could he walk too far.

The Turning Point

After trying diet after diet and failing, the turning point came in 2004 when Simon went on a fishing trip. His friends were supportive, but they enjoyed teasing him. On this particular trip and friend asked Simon what he planned to do about his weight problem. That’s when he hit rock bottom, says Simon.

Weight Loss Success Stories

Simon’s story is truly of success. After his surgery the weight really did fall off and with the help of his amazing team, he’s managed to keep it off with long-term lifestyle changes. This one of the most impressive weight loss success stories we have ever hears here at WLS.

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