It is enough to bring tears to your eyes when you look in the mirror and see the obese stranger staring back at you. It is hard to recognise what you’ve become when you think back to the days when you were a weight-obsessed teenager.

Being overweight or obese is unhealthy and there are many health risks associated with this unattractive medical condition. Being overweight is linked to increased blood pressure which can lead to a stroke or heart attack. Weight loss surgery in South Africa is a life line to those who have dieted and ended up on a trip to poor health rather than beating being overweight.

Small Portions of Food will Make You Feel Full

Surgery for Overweight IndividualsThere are many obese or grossly overweight people in South Africa. Many of them have failed attempts at weight loss and surgery remains the next option. In Durban for instance, the Bariatric Centre of Excellence at Netcare St Augustine’s Hospital has successfully done over 100 of these procedures. Gastric surgery can help patients lose about 50% of their excess body weight.

A small pouch is created from the stomach and linked to the small intestine. The larger part of the stomach and the duodenum is bypassed. Even small portions of food will make the patient feel full and this is what results in the good weight loss. Surgical procedures such as this have certainly shown the most effective long-term results for dealing with obesity.

A Life-Changing, Safe Weight-Loss Procedure for Overweight Individuals

Weight loss surgery in South Africa enjoys enormous interest, but is this the answer to your weight-loss problems? If you are interested in this kind of surgery, you will be given a psychological assessment. The medical team will also explain to you the possible risks with this kind of surgery. Some of the risks include digestive problems, bleeding, wound infections and ulcers. The medical team want you to enjoy a safe weight loss procedure that will be life-changing for you.

You are assessed to see if you will be a good candidate for Bariatric Surgery. To be considered a good candidate for weight loss surgery in South Africa you must –

▪ have made serious attempts to lose weight
▪ you are not suffering from an illness that may be causing your weight
▪ you are not taking any drugs
▪ you have a body mass index of more than 35
▪ be committed to lifestyle changes as well as follow-ups at the hospital -you will be advised on the right nutrition as well as physical activity for after-surgery.

For overweight patients, certainly the biggest advantage of Bariatric surgery will be the significant weight loss. You will notice enormous improvements in obesity-related illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension and sleep apnoea among others. Other benefits from losing so much weight will be an increase in self-esteem, and you will also be more mobile and active.

What Costs are You Looking At?

Weight loss surgery in South Africa is expensive. There are different types of bariatric surgery and the cost of the surgery is in the region of R150,000. Are you on a good medical aid? There are medical aid companies in South Africa which provide gastric bypass surgery cover. If your weight loss surgery is for medical health purposes and not for cosmetic purposes, your medical aid may well cover some of the costs.

Post-Op Care

The surgery will last between 1 and 2 hours and patients can go home on about the 3rd day after surgery. Bariatric surgery is a major procedure, and it is vital to follow your surgeon’s recovery instructions.

Smaller Portions of a Balanced Diet

Your surgeon will tell you about the pain you might experience and how to take the medications provided. You will also be advised on how to follow a healthy new lifestyle so that you will never be overweight again. This will include a new diet along with exercise. Your doctor may also suggest a support group for you where you be inspired by others who have also had this surgery. With far less weight to carry around, a new diet of smaller portions, you will begin to feel full of energy and wish you’d done this long ago.