Gastric Bypass Complications

Gastric bypass is a major bariatric surgery and that means there’s always the potential for complications.

Let’s take a look at the possible gastric bypass complications involved with gastric bypass surgery.

Complication Rates

The overall rate of complication for gastric or lap band surgery ranges from about 7 – 14%.

Gastric Bypass Complications

There can be minor gastric bypass complications but a good diet will minimise these

Gastric Bypass Complications

While you may be more focused on how to lose weight fast, you do need to know about the complications possibly involved with gastric band procedures.

  1. Infections

Whether you choose to have a gastric sleeve inserted or go for open gastric bypass, there is the possibility of infection and the incision sites, such as in the abdomen should bacterial from the bowel release during surgery.

Bladder or kidney infections, gastritis and pneumonia are also possible.

However, short-term use of antibiotics is effective at keeping infections away as is becoming active within a couple hours of surgery.

  1. Haemorrhage

This is another possibility for gastric bypass complications. During surgery a lot of blood vessels are cut so that the stomach can be divided and the bowel moved. The blood vessels may start bleeding later, either in the stomach or in the bowel. Sometimes re-operation or transfusions may be necessary.

Blood thinners can help to prevent thrombosis (clotting) but can slightly increase the risk of haemorrhaging.

  1. Hernia

A hernia can occur either in the abdomen or the wall muscles of the abdomen. It’s a small opening that can result from surgery or from re-arranging the bowel.

Incisional hernias happen when the incision from surgery doesn’t heal well and the muscles of the abdomen separate which allows for a sac-like membrane to protrude.

  1. Bowel Obstruction

Any type of surgery of the stomach results in scarring of the bowel. When the bowel becomes trapped by a hernia, for example, it can result in obstructions and an operation will be needed to correct the issue.

  1. Anastomotic Leakage

Anastomosis is one of those gastric bypass complications that occurs between bowel and stomach or even two parts of the bowel. The surgeon creates a water-tight connection by connecting the organs with staples which can create a hole in the bowel’s wall. If the body fails to create a seal the fluid in the stomach tract will leak and cause infection.

  1. Dumping Syndrome

If you eat sugary food once you’ve had weight loss surgery, the sugar passes very quickly into the bowel giving rise to what is known as dumping syndrome. The body floods the intestines to try to dilute the sugars.

Related symptoms will include a rapid heartbeat, cold sweats and butterflies in the stomach.

These are just some of the potential gastric bypass complications that can arise during or after surgery. Your surgeon will discuss all of this with you so that you can decide whether or not you go through with the procedure.

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