Serious Weight Loss

Are you sick and tired of fad diets and you are looking for serious weight loss solutions? If so, then weight loss surgery may just be for you. But before you undergo gastric bypass surgery, there are certain criteria you will have to meet if you want to lose weight fast.

While that sure sounds great, weight loss surgery might not be for everyone. It’s a major procedure and that means it does carry significant side effects and health risks. The long-term success of such serious weight loss procedures also depends on your commitment and ability to make permanent lifestyle changes.

Do You Qualify for Serious Weight Loss Surgery?

Achieve serious weight loss with bariatric surgery

Serious weight loss is achieved by gastric bypass surgery

Bariatric surgeries are life-changing. While they can certainly help to reduce your risk of weight-related health issues including high blood pressure; type 2 diabetes and sleep apnoea, there can be major complications and risks involved. For this reason you might be required to meet some medical guidelines to qualify for the surgery and you will typically undergo an extensive screening process to determine whether or not you qualify for surgery.

The Qualifying Criteria:

You could be a candidate for serious weight loss surgery if:

  • You have a body mass index of 40 or higher, putting you in the extremely obese category.
  • Your efforts with exercise and diet to lose weight have failed.
  • Your body mass index is between 30 to 34 but you have very serious weight-related health issues.

Are You Ready For Surgery?

If you do meet the above guidelines for weight loss, you might still have to meet other criteria to qualify for weight loss surgery. Your specialist will subject you to an extensive screening process to ensure you do qualify.

Typically, a team of professionals including a doctor, surgeon, psychologist and surgeon will evaluate whether or not this type of surgery is right for you. And will go over how to lose weight fast after the procedure. They will determine if the benefits of undergoing surgery will outweigh the potential risks and determine if you are physically and mentally ready to undergo surgery.

When conducting your evaluation, the health team will consider:

  1. Your medical condition – some health problems do increase the risks of having surgery such as liver disease, blood clots or nutritional deficiencies. They will determine what medication you take, if you smoke and how much alcohol you consume too.
  2. Your weight and nutrition history – your diet attempts, weight trends, exercise regime and even motivation and stress levels will be assessed.
  3. Your age – while there isn’t a particular age limit for serious weight loss surgery, the risks do increase over the age of 65.
  4. Your state of mind – some mental health conditions can contribute to obesity which means it can be more difficult to maintain the benefits of weight loss surgery.

Medical Finance

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