Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery is very often a last resort for people who are dangerously obese. They’ve been on many a diet plan to lose weight with no luck. It’s the type of surgery that medical aids don’t usually cover unless the obesity is life-threatening and the patient is not likely to respond to surgical treatments like lifestyle changes.

What is Life-Threatening Obesity?

If you have life-threatening obesity, you may be eligible for weight loss surgery provided:

  • You have a body mass index of 40 or greater
  • You have a body mass index of 35 or more and another life-threatening health condition such as high blood pressure or type 2 diabetes that might be improved if you were to lose weight.
Weight loss surgery can alleviate obesity

Achieve your weight loss goals with weight loss surgery

How To Tell If Weight Loss Surgery Is for You?

If you’re fed up with weight loss tips and really want to do turn to natural weight loss it’s time to consider surgery.

Have a look at the following questions to determine if weight loss surgery is for you:

  1. Are you unlikely to lose and keep off weight in the long run without surgery?
  2. Are you well informed about the surgery and the effects thereof?
  3. Are you determined to lose weight and drastically improve your health?
  4. Do you know that your life can change after the operation? You may be unable to eat large quantities of food and you will need to chew properly.
  5. Do you know there can be complications and dietary restrictions as a result of the operation?
  6. Are you committed to lifelong maintenance after surgery such as exercise and vitamin supplementation?
  7. The decision to have weight loss surgery is important and personal – it’s a procedure that can change your life, not only because of the rapid weight loss results. Are you prepared to thoroughly research the different types of operations and different specialists?

Things To Consider Before Surgery

Surgery is going to lead to serious weight loss, think about this:

  • Will you be able to follow the therapy and necessary follow ups required after the operation?
  • You will have to follow your surgeons’ instructions, particularly regarding exercise, diets and follow up consultations. Are you ready to make that life-long commitment?
  • Have you already made several attempts to lose weight?

Weight loss surgery for people with obesity is not about cosmetic issues – it is done to improve failing health and improve way-of-life. Feeling better should be your main goal. Looking good is just a fantastic side effect of extreme weight loss.

Only you can decide if you have exhausted all other options for hot to lose weight and are ready to try surgery. It’s a decision only you can make once you have been well informed of the risks and benefits of the operation.

If you are comfortable with your decision and ready to make lifelong changes to your lifestyle, then you’re ready for weight loss surgery to curb your obesity. Make sure you completely understand, and are comfortable with the fact that weight loss surgery will completely rearrange your digestive system. Also make sure you familiarise yourself with the long-term risks.

If you’re ready to take on your new pre-op weight loss eating plan and lose weight fast, act now.

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