It seems that it’s always assumed that women have cosmetic surgery only. But that’s not the case. More and more men are knocking on plastic surgeon’s door and there are many considering mens  liposuction. Here’s why.

Increased Awareness of Mens Liposuction

Men have begun to realise they can also benefit from body-sculpting, age-erasing effects of lipo laser otherwise called mens liposuction.

Traditionally it was women who had more choice: from a breast reduction to a tummy tuck and laser lipo. But nowadays men, too, are joining the bandwagon and enjoying a choice of cosmetic procedures such as vaserlipo and ultrasonic liposuction.

Mens Liposuction Facts

Men’s liposuction is a great solution for slimming and toning a flabby body

Why Mens Liposuction?

One main reason for men wanting to undergo procedures such as laser liposuction is the shift in the business world. There’s often a perception that an older person is behind the times and less efficient at getting a job done. And in an effort to look younger, men are turning to non-surgical liposuction to keep ahead.

What’s more, eating disorders are becoming more commonplace as a result of such stresses and more men seem to be altering their bodies for the worst. Often, men think that one of the only ways to correct extreme obesity is with men’s liposuction treatments.

What is Lipo?

Lipo has transformed body sculpting for men. Since only tiny incisions are used, they’re easy to conceal and there’s minimal to no bruising.

Three of the most common areas for men’s liposuction include:

  • Abdomen
  • Neck
  • Love handle area

Ultrasonic liposuction has become particularly useful men in areas of fibrous fat like the back and loin. It’s also become the treatment of choice in men with large breasts.

No Pain, All the Gain

Lipo for men is the same as for women – but, the composition of a man’s body is different in that men typically have thicker skin and more facial hair. That means they have a greater blood supply than women.

The result is a greater risk of bleeding, but healing is highly successful.

Like any other type of procedure, there are risks involved with men’s liposuction which your surgeon or salon operator will discuss with you after having carefully assessed you for the procedure. While lipo is a fantastic tool to help men look and feel younger, you need to make the decision carefully. Familiarise yourself with any and all side-effects and consequences and also shop around for a good liposuction price from a reputable operator.

Remember, though, that with physical change can come some interesting and unexpected psychological changes to. You may just feel more confident, sexier and ready to tackle the business world as you exercise your power of choice to undergo men’s liposuction.

The Cost of Mens Liposuction

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