Weight Loss Programs

Eat this diet. Visit that weight loss clinic. Lose weight fast with these amazing diets!

You’ve heard it all before. Now here’s the latest: eating less fat, getting more exercise and following proper weight loss programs are in. Diets are very much out.

The Studies Have Spoken

Contrary to perceptions, a large number of obese people can and do lose weight. What’s more, the old tried and tested methods of eating less and moving more are some of the most successful weight loss programs.

Take A Look At This

The American Journal of Preventive Medicine says this is good news when it comes to weight loss tips. In the journal, lead author Jacinda M. Nicklas, a clinical researcher says:

“… studies have shown that even a 5 percent reduction in weight can lead to improved health. With more than a third of Americans now obese and fifty to seventy percent of them trying to lose weight, this is important because the health risks associated with carrying that extra weight are substantial.”

The Results

Further studies conducted by Nicklas involved analysing data from over 4000 obese patients and assessing their health and nutritional statuses. The people involved in the study in the U.S were all over 20 years old and had a body mass of 30 or more. Just over half of those people enjoyed up to 5% or more weight loss and 20% of the people lost more than 10%.

Those who lost the most were those who ate less fat and got more exercise. There was also a correlation between weight loss programs and weight loss. This goes to show the importance of a regimented structure.

In contrast, those doing the study found that the use of liquid diets, popular diets, non-prescription pills and diet foods weren’t as successful at losing and keeping off weight.

What About Surgery?

Weight loss surgery is another solution to fast weight loss, say many weight loss reviews.

Weight loss programs including weight los surgery are popular in South Africa

Surgical weight loss programs are gaining acceptance in South AFrica

In South Africa you can choose between lap band surgery, bariatric surgery and gastric bypass. Which surgery is better for you is up to your dietician, surgeon and you to decide. It will also depend on your requirements and whether or not your weight is currently affecting any other health concerns you may have.

But Weight Loss Programs Involving Surgery is So Expensive!

Yes, weight loss surgery is pricey and most medical aids in the country don’t cover weight loss programs and procedures. But that doesn’t mean it’s out of your read.

Medical finance can help you to pay off your surgery while you enjoy easy repayment options and competitive interest rates.

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