Gastric Band Surgery in South Africa

If you’re considering gastric band surgery in South Africa, here’s what you need to know about stomach operations for weight loss.

What is a Gastric Band Operation?

This type of bariatric surgery involves placing an adjustable belt, known as a laparoscopic adjustable band (LAGB), around the upper part of the stomach with a laparascope.

The band is made from silicone and can be adjusted to tighten when saline is added to fill it. Think of it like blowing up a balloon.

During this type of bariatric surgery in South Africa, the band is placed just under the skin of your abdomen and a port is used to either remove or introduce saline.

Gastric Band Surgery in South AfricaGastric band surgery in South Africa essentially restricts the stomach’s size by reducing how much food it can hold. It also slows down the passage of food to your intestine. This then signals to the brain that you are full quicker.

So What is a Lap Band?

You may have heard of a lap band when looking into gastric bypass in South Africa. The band is often used interchangeably with the term gastric band. There are a couple of different sizes and models available, made by various manufacturers.

Are You a Candidate for Gastric Band Surgery in South Africa?

Typically, candidates for this type of weight loss surgery in South Africa will have a Body Mass Index of 35 – 40 and be more than 40 kilograms above their ideal body weight. If you suffer from certain weight-related medical conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure you will likely be eligible for gastric bypass surgery in South Africa.

You will have to prove a history of failed weight loss before being accepted for a gastric bypass or gastric band surgery in South Africa. This includes conventional forms of weight loss like dieting and exercise. Typically, patients under 18 years of age will not be permitted to have the surgery.

Patients are required to demonstrate an understanding of the surgery they wish to have as well as the lifestyle changes required of them to make the procedure successful.

Typically gastric band surgery in South Africa is contradicted in the potential candidate struggles to understand the procedure, is dependents on alcohol or drugs or is emotionally unstable. These cases along with a history of gastrointestinal issues like ulcers render the patients high-risk for surgery. People with lung and heart conditions may also be refused the surgery.

Furthermore, if a potential patient has a Body Mass Index of more than 50kg per square meter of height, they may be requested to lose a certain amount of weight prior to the surgery. It is within these types of groups that the procedure for obese patients may well outweigh the benefits of surgery.

Gastric Band Surgery Costs in South Africa

The cost of this type of surgery is not typically covered by medical aids in the country. Patients often look towards medical loans to cover the expense of bariatric surgery. Many patients also seek gastric band hypnosis to prepare them for their procedure.