6 Common Mistakes That Can Prevent Weight Loss

Fat thunder thighs and a wobbly stomach will have your confidence levels taking a downward spiral, regardless of the time of year it is. There is nothing like some weight loss to make you start loving life again. Not only that, by embarking on a new exercise programme, you’ll stand amazed at the unexpected benefits coming your way.

Anyone who has ever dieted has known times when their fat just won’t budge. Losing weight is difficult, particularly when it comes to keeping it off. We all know people who lose weight and then gain it all back. So what are we doing wrong in our efforts to shed unsightly fat? There are 6 common mistakes that can prevent weight loss and which people unknowingly hold onto.

Avoid the Following Habits That Prevent Weight Loss

1. Lots of people think that by merely taking up a new exercise programme will guarantee weight loss. The truth is that exercise on its own leads to a small reduction in total body weight. 6 Common Habits That Can Prevent Weight LossTo achieve effective weight loss, you have to pair your exercise with the correct diet plan.

2. Many people believe that because fruit is good for us, what can be wrong with losing weight on an all-fruit diet? It is obvious why people lose weight quickly on such a diet. A week of eating nothing but fruit will likely cause diarrhoea as well as urinary frequency. Fluid loss can cause a severe loss of nutrients and minerals and the risk of cardiac problems.

3. Contrary to what a lot of people think, stress can cause physiological changes within the body, and one of these is weight gain. Excessive stress affects certain areas fat is stored and the abdomen is one such place. Too much cortisol, produced from stress, also slows your metabolism and plays havoc with your blood sugar levels. This can lead to hyperglycemia. You need to work at reducing your stress levels.

4. Also potentially threatening to weight loss are those diet pills which promise to supercharge your metabolism. There is very little evidence that they work if any, and all the pills do really is make your wallet leaner.

5. One diet doesn’t fit all – how often haven’t we been amazed by the weight loss of someone and immediately wanted to start the same diet. Everyone’s body is unique, and the diet that works for one may well not work for you. Your family history, your metabolism, your blood group and other factors   all impact on how you lose weight. The only way to lose weight properly is to make a permanent change in eating patterns and increase your exercise.

6. How many people on a weight loss programme don’t make the mistake of eating a double intake of fat-free and sugar-free foods. Unbeknown to them they are eating twice as many calories. Just because it says sugar-free doesn’t give you the green light to eat as much as you want of it. The best way to get what you need for good health and weight loss is to eat a balanced diet. A diet where you skip meals, nibble on lettuce leaves and drink water is enough to make anybody give up on a diet after just 2 days.

Steady Weight Loss which STAYS Off

Eating smaller portions of a balanced diet and taking in more exercise isn’t going to give you miraculous or revolutionary weight loss results overnight. What it will give you is steady weight loss which stays off as well as good health. There are common mistakes people make when embarking on a weight loss diet and many of these mistakes lead to poor health, depression and even more stress as you witness your weight making a relentless come back.