What is the Basis of Post Bariatric Surgery Diet?

Once you have had bariatric surgery and want to continue on your journey to how to lose weight fast, you will be required to make a few essential life style changes. Especially if you want to keep the weight off.

A bariatric surgery diet is necessary after gastric bypass surgery in order for the stomach to get used to its new size and ensure that you consume less food. Typically, right after surgery, you will be put on a liquid-only diet that will last about a week.

Soft Diets After Gastric Bypass Surgery

After that initial week you will be able to transition to solid foods like fish, soft meat, cereals, Bariatric Surgery Dietchicken, canned and fresh fruits and cooked veggies. During this phase you will be required to:

  • Include high protein foods into the diet and eat those first each meal time
  • Women should eat 50 – 60 grams of protein and men 60 – 70 grams.
  • You will need to take a chewable vitamin and mineral supplement
  • Continue drinking lots of fluids every day

The Meal Plan for the Soft Diet

During your post bariatric surgery diet you will need to

  • Consume three small meals per day
  • Add a variety of low calorie starches, low fat fruits and fresh vegetables to your diet
  • Avoid seeds and skins of fruits and vegetables
  • Avoid bread of any variety
  • Chew food to a soft consistency
  • Stop eating as soon as you feel full
  • Use protein supplements after every meal to reach your daily protein requirements
  • Drink lots of liquid between meals
  • Wait half an hour after a meal and then have a supplement shake
  • Spread fluids out over a three hour period
  • Stop drinking 30 minutes before a meal

Post Bariatric Surgery Diet Suggested Foods


  • All types of shellfish and fish
  • Turkey or chicken breast
  • Low fat cold meats
  • Low fat cheese
  • Hard boiled or poached eggs
  • Soup

Starches and Grains

  • Porridges
  • Unsweetened cereals and skim milk
  • Baked and sweet potatoes
  • Boiled pasta and white rice

Fruits and Vegetables

  • Soft fresh fruits without the skins
  • Bananas
  • Canned fruits in water or their own juices
  • Cooked or canned vegetables

Stay away from raw, fibrous veggies like Brussels sprouts and broccoli.

Suggested Menu


¼ scrambled eggs; ¼ cup of porridge oats; ¼ cup canned peaches and a teaspoon of margarine


¼ cup sliced chicken or turkey breast; ¼ cup mashed potatoes; ¼ cup pears and 1 teaspoon of margarine


¼ cup white fish with ¼ cup sweet potato; ¼ cup cooked green beans

Obesity Help

To help keep the weight off and stay hydrated make sure you sip your fluids slowly to avoid vomiting or nausea. You should also carry a water bottle with you at all times.

Your surgeon will let you know when it’s time to progress with your bariatric surgery diet.

Medical Finance

Medical aids don’t cover bariatric surgery. If you require financial assistance, click on the banner on this page and we’ll let you know if you’re eligible.

* A good YouTube video about the first month’s post surgery diet