Definition of Obesity

Understanding the definition of obesity will help those concerned to solve it. Not everyone is aware that losing just a few kilograms, already improves one’s health. Sometimes losing more is necessary, but just being aware of the problem, is already a step ahead.

  1. Definition of obesity

The definition of obesity is when one’s body weight is more than the desired weight for one’s height. The best way to measure obesity or overweight is by measuring one’s ‘Body Mass Index’.

Definition of Obesity

-How to calculate BMI?

The relationship between one’s height and weight forms the BMI formula:

Body Mass Index = Weight (in kg) / Height squared (in m)

Online one can find the BMI calculator key as well.

An explanation of obesity is due to many factors. These factors include environment, genetics and family history, metabolism and lifestyle. Although one cannot change one’s family history, one certainly can change one’s lifestyle.

A good definition of obesity is when one experiences obesity symptoms. These symptoms could include:

-heart disease

-high blood pressure

-diabetes (type 2)

-breathing problems

-certain cancers

Going to an obesity clinic could be a solution. At obesity clinics there are usually different programmes aimed at individual needs. This could include programmes for diabetes and obesity, obesity only, and many more. Psychological help is also offered. Obesity is usually not only a physical problem.

  1. Diabetes and obesity

Another definition of obesity is when one develops diabetes (type 2). According to statistics, it is more difficult for people to lose weight when they have diabetes (type 1 or 2). Diabetes and obesity therefore go hand in hand. When wanting to lose weight, it is more difficult for these people. The reason is that eating less often results in lower blood sugar levels.Professional help in these cases is the best.

  1. Obesity in South Africa

Recent research has shown that overweight and obesity in developing countries are the next health crisis after HIV. A definition of obesity is possible due to many factors:

  1. The first explanation of obesity is the ‘arrival’ of fast food in countries like South Africa. In the past, children walked to school between five and ten kilometres. Today not anymore. They also do not play ball on the street. The reason is that computer games are now available.
  2. The next explanation of obesity in South Africa, is that it is part of the African culture. When a man has normal weight, he is seen as unsuccessful in his ‘career’. When a woman has normal weight, it is said that the husband does not take care of her. The same for the children.
  3. The HIV crisis is also an explanation of obesity. When someone in the neighbourhood is of normal weight, it is said that he/she has HIV. Of course nobody wants to be an outcast. For this reason they prefer to be overweight. They do not want to be warned about obesity.

An explanation of obesity in South Africa shows that it is possible to solve. Overweight and obesity is part of the culture. Still, it can be stopped by making people more aware of the health risks.

The explanation of obesity in South Africa is therefore mostly related to an unhealthy lifestyle.