What is VaserLipo?

VaserLipo – Getting the Results You Want

Are you considering cosmetic surgery? Before you make your mind up, take a look at lipo laser also called vaserlipoin South Africa.

Been wondering “does laser lipo work?” Wonder no more!

Vaserlipo offers eye-catching results in just a single session. No pain; no long downtimes that come with the older forms of liposuction.

What’s more, most patients and their physicians have reported incredible results in a single session along with a much faster recovery. Vaser liposuction has also been clinically proven to enhance skin tightening in the treated areas, so you will enjoy a new silhouette.

Different Types of VaserLipo

Vaserlipo works to target specific areas of fat in the body. The treatment is powerful enough to target large fatty areas but it’s also gentle enough to treat the more delicate areas like the arms and neck.

There’s no scarring with this type of procedure. Also, vaserlipo cost can be considerably less than having to have weight loss surgery – just look at tummy tuck prices to compare.

  1. Vaser Hi Def is a more advanced body sculpting treatment. The result is a sculpted appearance since fat around the muscles is removed.
  2. Vaser 4D is an even more advanced technique that offers some serious body sculpting. Carried out by experienced doctors, your own fat is used after vaserlipo to redefine the body as you move which creates a 4D effect and natural shaping of your physique.
  3. Vaser breast shaping –is carried out to reshape the breasts and is particularly popular after pregnancy. Once the physician has treated another are of the body like your thighs or stomach, that fat is used to reshape your breasts. This eliminates the need for foreign implants and you don’t have to worry about risks associated with such materials.
  4. Vaser smooth – this procedure uses ultrasound technology to remove cellulite. It only takes about 20 minutes and the results are immediate, minus the risk of scarring.
  5. Vaser shape – this is a newer form of ultrasound technology. It’s non-invasive and makes use of two nodes to deeply penetrate the skin and break up fatty tissue. Usually three to four treatments are needed for great results.

A Much Safer Option

Traditional lipo aggressively removes fat and sometimes that can damage surround tissues, requiring longer recover times.

Vaserlipo is tissue selective and uses the safe technology of ultrasound. So fat is specifically targeted while the connective tissues, blood vessels and nerves are protected. That results in minimal pain and bruising and very little downtime.

Liposuction Price

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